Abundance of Blooms
Abundance of Blooms

Abundance of Blooms

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Red tinted Pussy Willows, Pink Orchids, and Peonies luxuriously display in a maroon clay vase.

Pussy Willows which are also known as 银柳 which directly translates to “silver willow” and sounds a lot like silver coins which signifies wealth and good luck. The plant is quite long; therefore it also symbolizes growth. 

Orchids which are also known as 胡姬花 have been associated with sophistication and elegance. Symbolically, they represent fertility and abundance.

Peony is also known as 牡丹花. It is the flower of riches and honor and it also further represents good luck and fortune.

Approximate dimensions: D40cm X H80cm

This arrangement only comes in 1 size. We always handpick freshest flowers available.