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Flower bar is open on Friday evening and weekends.

Indulgent yourself in a relaxing weekend in our flower bar - always filled with the gorgeous blooms, sometimes seasonal and exotic for you to pick. Combining it with your own creativity and imagination to create your one of a kind exquisite floral arrangement of your own to bag home. All levels of participants are welcome. Our on-site florist is there to guide you (without charging you a fee) through the session if you are new to floral arranging.

Be it a handmade bouquet for a friend or even floral styling for a vase to enhance your own interior space. We do have a wide range of vases and wraps for you to choose from.

We will provide all the necessities you might need for your creation, but if you want to make your own vase arrangement in your own vase, we are open on that or we do have vases for sales during that session.

Signing up will entitle you to $100 credits where you can only use for our Flower Bar session where you will utilize during the session to pick your beautiful blooms and materials needs. 

Some people feel therapeutic and some people want to get creativity out of it, and for us, we are interested to see what you can create. No restrictions, no judgments, just limitless of creativeness, positive vibes, and joy. So enjoy the process and immerse yourself in your unaware creativeness and trust your gut feeling and let it flow and guide you through the practice.

Flower Bar Session includes:

  • An hour of self-indulgence
  • Intimate co-share space with like-minded individuals
  • $100 credit for use at flower bar and accessories
  • Tools to create your floral masterpiece.
  • Professional guidance, only if required.

Terms & Conditions

  1. No refund in the event of no show.
  2. Rescheduling is to be made 48 hours before session commences.

Please do note that this session is not a workshop where participants will follow through to completion of what you working on.

For customized classes offsite, please email to enquiries@laateliersg.com for further discussions.