Golden Fortune
Golden Fortune

Golden Fortune

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Pink tinted Pussy Willows, Lucky Bamboo, Carnations, 8 Mandarin Oranges, and 6 Ingots luxuriously display in our signature bloombox. 

Pussy Willows, which are also known as 银柳 which directly translates to “silver willow” and sounds a lot like silver coins, which signifies wealth and good luck. The plant is quite long; therefore, it also symbolizes growth. 

Lucky Bamboos, which are also known as 福贵竹, are believed to bring their owner fortune, power, and happiness.

Carnations are known as 康乃馨 which also signifies as Lucky Flowers; they can bring prosperity and abundance to the home.

Approximate dimensions: D40cm X H80cm

This arrangement only comes in 1 size. We always handpick freshest flowers available.